Huse Torrence Education & Training Institute

As a service to our community, the Multifaith Council of Northwest Ohio has created the Huse Torrence Education & Training Institute for the purpose of providing educational opportunities for those interested in learning and applying lessons about diversity, cultural awareness, and community betterment. Named in honor of two longtime supporters of the Multifaith Council, Rev. Horace Huse and Mr. Glen Torrence.

The Huse Torrence Education & Training Institute offers live, in-person, and virtual programs to appeal to many for lifelong learning.

How to Be a Perfect Stranger

Learning Outcomes:
1. This video provides insight into best practices when visiting various communities of faith.

Groups IO Introduction

Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe the benefits of Groups IO
2. Join a Groups IO Organization
This video covers an introduction to Groups IO that provides a context for why this is being used by various groups and organizations. Also covered is a tutorial on how to join a Groups IO Organization/Group using 2 methods; by responding to a personal invitation via email and by seeking out groups/organizations listed on the Groups IO website.


Learning Outcomes:
1. Read  and respond to Groups IO Email Messages
2. Utilize the Groups IO online services
This video covers an orientation to utilizing the Groups IO communications utility, how to read and respond to email messages appearing in individual email boxes, and how to access and navigate the groups/organization’s site within the Groups IO webpage.

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