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The First Thursday Lunch 2019-2020 series is a partnership between the Social Justice Subcommittee of the Toledo Chapter of U.S. Catholic Priests and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Each event includes a lunch at noon followed by a presentation with Q&A discussion. First Thursday lunches take place at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 428 N. Erie Street, Toledo, OH 43604. Cost is $15 for lunch and presentation (cash or check at the door). Tickets will be stamped at the door for free parking in the Kwik lot adjacent to the church. Series discounts and financial assistance for those in need are available. Contacts: Fr. John Blaser, 419-344-1295, lormanj@gmail.com; Rev. Pete Bowmer, 419-243-4214, pastor.pete@stpaulstoledo.org

March 5 Sarah Jenkins, Fair Housing Center, Housing Discrimination

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