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Fall Conference Flyer

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It’s not hard to realize that we are living in an anxious culture which is experiencing many forms of trauma and loss, and it’s affecting our faith communities. When there is multi-generational trauma or religious trauma that damages trust and faith, these are perhaps the most challenging kinds of wounds and loss. When faith has been shaken, when those we count on are physically present yet psychologically absent, or experiences and people we care about have been taken away or have experienced reoccurring trauma and grief, it is hard to find understanding and clarity, it is hard to make decisions, it is hard to grieve or heal, and it is especially hard to dream new dreams, or build the resiliency needed to thrive. The physical, emotional, economic, and relational uncertainty resulting from the events of recent years, the increasing political strife and division that is present today, the racial and religious tensions, the ambiguous losses experienced by so many, and the fear experienced in our faith communities for so many different reasons, have heightened the anxiety felt by faith leaders as well as members, seekers, and the wider community. It is our hope that participants will walk away from this conference with some new knowledge and understanding about the intersection of faith and mental wellness, but more importantly new skills that help them begin to build resilience in these uncertain times, to face the unknown with some new ideas of how to develop competencies that bring hope and stability in the midst of chaos.

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